Direct mail is any direct mail that you send out to potential customers in the hopes of enticing them to patronize a business. This sort of marketing can be a great way to reach potential clients, but sometimes the task can become tedious and cumbersome. There are software tools available for those who want to take this form of marketing on their own. Here are some things to think about before taking on such a project.

It is important to understand whether or not the software you will be using will actually allow you to campaigns. Some programs simply do not have the features needed to allow you to do so. Many of these software packages and programs also permit you to contract out parts of your campaign as well, which can complicate matters. When you are choosing a marketing automation platform, make sure it includes both capabilities to automate your direct mail efforts. Otherwise, you will be left in the cold when trying to integrate a new system into an existing one.

Direct Mails and CRM

Some marketers prefer to use a single dashboard for handling all aspects of their campaigns. For example, if they want to track all of their postcards, track where each postcard goes and what action was taken on each one. Some prefer to have the ability to import data from a spreadsheet into a form that can be easily transmitted to their CRM system. With a single dashboard, they can keep everything in one place and make quick updates whenever necessary.

Still others want to incorporate various marketing forms and modules into their campaigns, but they still want to retain control over each component. So they need a way to easily evaluate the effectiveness of individual components, such as their effectiveness with postcards or their response rate to emails. This is why having a single dashboard for things like postcards, mailing list building and online advertising can be helpful.

But how do you get from one form of automation to another? The answer lies in using email marketing software. Most email marketing software comes with a base campaign already built in, allowing marketers to just customize it to incorporate form automation and mail automation tools. If you are just starting out, consider a free version of Mailchimp or Aweber to test out your setup. These services will provide you with a basic template and enough information to get your feet wet. From there, you can refine and expand your campaign with more detailed and engaging content.

Many of the major email marketing services offer more extensive email campaigns, including auto-responder tools. This is where your autoresponder tool can really pay off. You can set up a series of messages, which will automatically send a postcard or other type of mail to a specified address. Some of the most common uses of this type of tool include sales reminders, customer support follow-ups and holiday greetings.

If you are looking for a new way to integrate your CRM with your mailing lists, consider converting your current mailing lists into your CRM data. A popular method of doing this is through the use of optin lists. Optin lists of individuals who have chosen to opt in to your mailing list’s consent to receive additional information on your company and your products. By integrating your CRM with your mailing lists, you will be able to send direct mail at a later time, should you find more individuals interested in your products or services.


If you would like to automate your personalize offers better, you might consider using the OneDrive application. This tool is actually two different tools in one; it will let you store data from your Bing search engine account and it will also let you store information from any other type of web form. OneDrive will help you manage forms from all web sources such as blogs, forums and email addresses. This tool has been proven to help companies save significant amounts of time by eliminating repetitive tasks. It will also give you a single dashboard for managing all of your customer data across all marketing channels.

All About Direct Mail and Your Marketing Channels
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